1979 Community Council engage youth

In 1979, Blantyre Community Council were looking to engage more with the youth of the town. Recognising there was a definite lack of facilities for youngsters to do, they prepared a questionnaire which went out to every secondary pupil in Blantyre, asking for advice and recommendations.

It was an excellent idea allowing young people to directly put their proposals down on paper and ensure their voices were heard.

The Council was concerned about graffiti, vandalism and youths hanging around all street corners. It was hoped that the questionnaire could paint a full picture of what was available, what could be developed further and what was urgently needed, without the actual council members second guessing what young people want.

It came at a time when the Council were awaiting a response from the Secretary of State regarding the proposed Sports Centre in Blantyre, which already had been earmarked to have a cafe inside.

The questionnaire result, was the immediate need for youth cafes. Somewhere youngsters of all ages could go, play games, snooker, pool, darts, listen to a jukebox, that kind of thing, almost like a pub atmosphere, but of course without the alcohol!

Places like the Elizabeth Scott Centre, later Terminal One, run by volunteers was the answer. Somewhere where youngsters could be valued and express themselves without strict organisation. Today, there is still a lack of youth clubs in Blantyre. Whilst excellent organisations like Hyper Cyber exists, it feels very much, even 40 years on, that due to a lack of large premises, the same problem exists.

Pictured is Terminal One at the bottom of Logan Street, photographed by myself on 9th May. Words from the book, “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2018

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Christian Henderson Terminal 1 was the best😁

Helen Stark-Beveridge Loved this place had the best times and memories here with great people xxx




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