1979 Blantyre High Shinty Team

In January 1979, these Blantyre lads successfully pioneered the traditional Highland game of Shinty in Lanarkshire, but they had a problem with nowhere to play!

Teachers John McFarlane and David Aitken of Blantyre High were forced to issue a plea asking for help due to inadequate sporting facilities in Blantyre. Blantyre High School had started up TWO shinty teams in 1978 under the guidance of these 2 teachers and by 1979 had played more than 20 friendly and competitive games.

The Blantyre High Junior Shinty Team are pictured in January 1979. Do you recognise any of the team?

1979 Blantyre High Shinty Team wm

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Gordon Frew I Played Shinty for BHS too 87,88 I think got a couple of photos somewhere
George Hay How many of these students can you remember Johnny MacFarlane ? Scott Hay you’re in the front row, can you name any of them?
Andrew MacFarlane Fantastic picture, great days shinty training in the gym hall, some great:shinty players from Blantyre in the 80s and 90s!
George Hay Don’t forget the 70’s too Andrew, lol!
Lee Fleming Back row l to r : Kevin Knowles, David Gallagher, Willie Bell, Craig Reid, Ross Gilchrist, Crawford Ferguson, David Campbell, Gordon Anderson and John Caithness . Front Row l to r : Andy Jamieson, Scott Hay, Joe Chatham, Alex Murray and Lee Fleming

Lee Fleming I remember the great pupils v teachers game at Low Blantyre Public Park when I was in 4th. Year – we hammered McFarlane , McConnichie and co – you taught us too well John.

Blantyre Project photos of that are coming in 3 weeks.
Lee Fleming Who from?

Blantyre Project Think they were from local papers. Reporters were there covering the match that day. Theres definitely great photo of the teachers “squaring up” to the pupils.

Blantyre Project rest of September and much of October will be covering 1979.

Gordon Paterson Wasn’t that rugby v teachers. I remember that well

Bruce Faichney Recognised Scott but not Lee.
Margaretann Greaney Arlene Campbell don’t recognise any of them do you? Xx
Arlene Campbell Margaretann Greaney top row second from the right , your neighbour , Gordon Anderson 👀

Margaretann Greaney Arlene Campbell aww so it is


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  1. I can see Crawford Ferguson and me Ross Gilchrist

  2. Happy memories… Craig Reid

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