1954 Currie Cunningham

Elizabeth Weaver kindly shared this great photo from 1954. She told me, “It’s our neighbour, Currie Cunningham (Currie was his first name) with a cousin of ours and her friend. It’s taken from the Cunninghams’ garden so that would be 102 Victoria Street.”

Elizabeth continued, “You’ll see the fields behind the house? We called that “the plots” – must have been allotments at one time, I think. Children played football and rounders there and you could walk over to Stonefield Rd through “the plots”.  We had a big garden then but it was cut in half to build the new houses which are now there.”

1954 Currie Cunningham from Eliz Weaver

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Drew Fisher Sadly Currie died a few years ago but his wife lives in Hamilton. Two of his children live in Strathaven and another daughter has moved to Richmond VA.
Elizabeth Weaver Sorry to hear that, Drew. He was a fine man and a good neighbour. His dad worked for an insurance company and had one of the first cars in our part of Victoria Street. I wonder if his family will see this photo – it was taken by my dad when his cousin (the woman on the right, with her friend) was visiting from Staffordshire and Currie posed with them in his kilt for the photo. The cousin is in her 80s now and has always treasured the photo of them with the young Scot in his kilt.
Drew Fisher Elizabeth, I’ve passed it onto the family. Thanks for clearing up who the ladies were.

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