Two sets Grandparents

Isn’t it great when you can say you have a photograph of BOTH sets of grandparents! Jim Cochrane shared these photos of his own grandparents, Jim and Isa Cochrane and John and Annie Marshall. Photos now added to the massive archive of people photographs associated with Blantyre on the main website.

Do you want to add your old photos to the archive for preservation in a long term, permanent archive? Message me them here on the website with a sentence or two about each one.


Jim & Isa Cochrane and John and Annie Marshall

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Kate Mcinulty Lovely. X
Jiae Jiae Just wondering what year I have one of my grandparents in roughly the same pose in Their house in Auchinraith Road must have been forties or fifties, I must look it out for you…but was there a photographer doing the rounds at this time doing couples?
Annie Anderson Jane this is the photo I have.
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing
Annie Anderson This Michael and Jeannie Dalton

Jiae Jiae Also did Mrs Cochrane work at Hairmyres Hospital in the fifties?

Blantyre Project Will try to find out from the Cochrane family.

Jim Cochrane Don’t think my gran did but her sister in law did .she was my great aunt Nancy Cochrane and she was the matron in ward 15 the children’s ward for years

Jiae Jiae Sorry, no lady I am thinking of was a cleaner in the children’s ward where I was interred as a 5 year old and she was a friend of my Grannie, Jeannie Dalton from Auchinraith Road. This lady was very kind to me in a very strict regime, in those days.

Jiae Jiae Actually the Matron was kind too. She came round to visit us every evening after our teatime and gave us a sweetie, chocolates usually which had been handed in and were shared by all. Gave us all a kind word too, every evening, individually. Some of the nurses though? Don’t think they studied Child Psychology in those days? 1956.

Marian Maguire Annie Marshall one of Blantyres ladies, a lovely lady.

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