Old age: In the Genes


Blantyre man, John Searg was noted as passing away in 1864, aged 86. What may be quite common these days, definitely wasn’t back then. What was remarkable at the time was his 4 living brothers that year had an average age of 82! Long life was certainly within this family.

I’ve never really touched on “old age” on this website, but would love to hear from families who have long life in their genes. Whilst my own grandparents lived into their late 80’s, my parents weren’t so lucky passing away young in their early 60s.

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Davy Thomson My gran lived to 96, all her children died before her
Alan Dorricott My gran (my dads mum) lived until she was 97. Her parents both lived into their late 90’s. All lived in Welsh Drive. My great gran on my mums side lived until she was 99!
Davy Thomson My gran stayed there alan,, they were Doon the wee cul de sac
Alan Dorricott Maybe we need to live in Welsh Drive for a long life!

Marian Maguire My mum lived to 88 and was the youngest of ten, most lived to very late 90s except two brothers. Mum also had an uncle who lived to be 106. My dad sadly died from pneumonacosis at 74, his dad was 84 and mother 97 and a sister was 95. Dad’s cousins who still lives in Blantyre is 99 yrs.
Joan McLaughlin My Granny (Annie Marshall) who you have pictured earlier today was approaching her 92nd birthday when she died. The majority of her sisters all lived to their late 80’s and 90’s (91,97,89 &85) with exception of one who suffered from dementia and died at 77. Her only brother died at 91. Must have been all that good air living and working on a farm. My great granny was 80 when she died in 1967.

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