Grassparks for Sale, 1864

In March 1864, the Grassparks to the north of the Railway, between Blantyre Works and Craighead Estate were put up for sale. Belonging to Peter Rintoul of Bothwellbank House on the opposite side of the Clyde, the fields had formerly been in his possession, perhaps merely to protect his rural view.

However, in late March that year, he put all 15 acres of the grassparks up for sale to the highest bidder. We know these were never really built on to any extent, so it may be that the Parish Council saw fit to acquire them. In later times an incinerator was built on the land on the opposite side of the railway at the bottom of John Street. Nearby was a private piggery in the following century.

In modern times this is now overgrown into the woods, accessed by the Clyde Walkway.

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