1988 Church Halls

Thanks to Scott MacVicar for sharing this photo from 1988. Pictured of course is the former Old Parish Church Hall at the High Blantyre cross, a year or so before being demolished.

I’ll say it again, they just don’t make buildings like this anymore.

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Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

George Hay Was a lovely old building, spent many a time at different events & clubs in there. Don’t miss the road junction though, it was a belter!

Karon Knox Are you from Blantyre George?

George Hay High Blantyre Karon, Stonefield Crescent originally.

Ann Adair Creechan Went to Sunday school and girl guides in there.

Kerry Tremble Kevan Went to xmas kids parties here in the 80’s 😊

Irene Dickman Happy memories of going to Sunday school there and taking my four boys when they were young. Sunday school teacher as well. Lovely building. 😊

Jim McAllister Went to Friday night discos in the 70s

Linda Smith Went to the Brownies in there.
Brian Weaver Some of my earliest memories come from this building. It had a sound and smell all of its own – wooden floors, stone steps, and no carpets. Even the plumbing and the front doors sounded different. I suppose it was the first public building that most children got to know.

Pamela McKeown Carole Mackie Rickard mind this🙄

Violet Elder Happy memories in that building. Brownies , Guides, Sunday School and concerts.

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