1974 Blantyre Station


1974 old station same year electrification by GC wm

Gordon Cook has shared this photo he took at Blantyre Station in 1974. Pictured on the westbound platform, looking towards Hamilton, Gordon and his wife were waiting to travel into Glasgow.

Later that year, the line was electrified. The old brick building is shown some years before being demolished and changed to the current building. I can’t help but feel the older building was nicer.

I had a query about this photo, believing the Hamilton to Blantyre line to be always straight, but Gordon’s further photo from 2018, shows that the line although mostly straight, does indeed have slight curves along it at that location.

2018 straight lines

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Kathy Daniels Jim MacGregor sure would like to be here again

Drew Fisher These old station buildings had character. Such a pity we thought it better to replace them with more ‘functional’ kiosks.

Andy Lynch I remember the coal fire in the wating room

John Krawczyk Remember it well

Margaret Allan I’m pretty sure the demolition of the old station and building of new station was sometime between 1981-1985

Tony McCallum I left Blantyre 1979 from this station

Sally Jamieson The old one was so lovely, although dilapidated. Looking back at this lovely photo they should have refurbished!

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