1974 Avril at Milheugh


33540639_1651539988228177_234804105430695936_nLocal lady, Avril Keenan was looking through some old photos recently when she found this one of herself in her favourite childhood spot. Milheugh Falls, down the Calder.

Avril told me, “I have such happy memories of mum and dad taking me walks to the falls and over the now gone bridge right up to Greenhall.  I reckon this must be summer of 1974 as I was a November 1972 baby.” 

It’s amazing how timeless this spot is. Avril told me recently she hadn’t been to the falls for around 30 years, something she remedied at my recent history walk. Thank you for sharing.

Would you like to send in a photo? If Blantyre related, I’ll always be glad to see any photos from your past.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

John Cavanagh Great pic I learned to swim in there like most of Blantyre round about this time 73-74 great days

Karen Gallacher used to love going walks to the falls then walk up to Greenhall park and the wee shop x

James Stirling Talking about the now gone bridge is there any talk of it going back up ???

Blantyre Project still being negotiated and discussed by the Friends of the Calder Group, SLC and local landowners. It may go up in a slightly different position though.

Avril Keenan Just seen this, mortified but those were happier times.

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