1958 Calder Street Secondary


1958 Calder Street Secondary wmThis great photo is from 1958, featuring Blantyre lads and lassies at Calder Street Secondary School. These children would have likely been born during the Second World War, meaning they would be in their mid 70′ today.

Do you recognise anybody? I’ve zoomed in with good clarity…..

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Kate Mcinulty Great photos x
Elizabeth Clements Parker Recognise my friend Maureen Edmond Barwood dad William Barwood end of the top back row left hand size x



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  1. Hi Betty, So sorry you are experiencing lousy weather…..it is Scotland after all.
    I have followed many of your posts and recent pictures. Love the flower boxes! How are they maintained?
    An amazing co incidence about Andy. Have you sent the pic or link to your cousin? I’d like confirmation it is Andy.
    I have never found the Auchinraith class picture I referenced in a post several months ago. It may turn up at the most unexpected place/time.
    Something I do have is your registration at Auchinraith. I’d like to share the original with you but there are many names and I think I should not post them in public. Maybe Paul can put us in touch by e mail without being announced to the world (I do not engage in social media).
    If you like, I can post them on this story as extracts from the original.
    Hope the weather clears for you.

    1. Hi Archie – yes, isn’t it a coincidence? My cousin Irene and her husband Paul (Smith) are going to ask their Andrew if he’s the right one, but the info seems to fit! Paul says he’s a tall guy right enough – but like Paul, he now has silver hair and beard, so he can’t be absolutely sure. Sounds likely it’s the same guy though. I’ll let you know the details once they hear back from him.

      I’m assuming we can’t exchange email addresses on here but I can ask Paul Veverka to pass on my email address to you? I’d love to see the registration! And which photo was it you were looking for?

      The weather has been lovely today – back to summer this morning! We have been out looking at wildlife and plants with our eldest grandson’s P3 class – great fun. The teachers did all the work; we grandparents just trundled around, “supervising”.

      The plant boxes that Brian and I donated were subsequently planted up and maintained by a project called Bonnie Blantyre – they’ve done some amazing community work in the past year or two; getting children to plant sunflowers in their own gardens, getting schools and care homes involved in planting displays, and also helping to keep the Calder area clean. They’ve had donations of plants and soil etc from so many organisations and individuals – it’s heart-warming to see.

      I’ll have a quick word with Paul Veverka now to see if he’ll pass on my email address. He (Paul V) is doing an amazing job for Blantyre, its residents and former residents like us.

      All the best, Betty.

      1. Thanks for a timely reply Betty, the information and questions.

        Sounds like it is Andy right enough. A very small world.

        The pic to which I had referred was a bunch of kids at Auchinraith. I know for sure we are both in that pic..

        Great if Paul can share our e mails….thanks.

        I met two of the ladies of Bonnie Blantyre in March at Auchinraith and had pics taken with them and school staff. How to contact them?

        Offer still open of course to post your registration details as extract.

        Sunbathing weather now….as I said, it is Scotland!

        1. I’ve always contacted the Bonnie Blantyre ladies through Facebook but maybe Paul can help with that for you?

          I think you and I are both in one of the Auchinraith pics on the Project archive – there are a few, if you search among the schools section.

          I am still in touch with Violet McDade, Anne McDonald, Matthew Brown (the latter two are married – to each other!) and George Mackenzie and Iain McAlpine. Remember them?

          Oh and I’m fine to have the Auchinraith registration details posted on here as well, thank you!

  2. I think the tall lad in the middle of the back row is Andy Cartwright.
    Andy worked at Belmos in High Blantyre Industrial Estate as I did myself.
    He asked me if I wanted to audition for a new rock and roll band as lead singer. I was not the most confident 16 year old but joined a Strathaven based band. Andy was our manager and arranged gigs in local venues. He arranged our own gig every Friday night in Ashgill.
    Peple came from as far away as Netherburn, Larkhall, Blantyre and Hamilton….LOL!
    Last I heard from Andy, he sailed a lot, was in Australia somewhere and provided information to Donald Wilkie in Canada and myself about the Belmos pension scheme. That was around 2010.

    1. Hi Archie – Betty Weaver here (Auchinraith primary schoolmate). I have just this afternoon heard from a cousin in Australia that an Andrew Cartwright goes to their yacht club in Goolwa, S Australia. Cousin was asking if I knew Andrew because he lived in Victoria Street, as we did.Small world! Greetings from a dreich misty Fife!

    2. Hi Archie – Betty Weaver here, a former classmate at Auchinraith Primary. I’ve just this afternoon had a message from a cousin in S Australia asking if I knew an Andrew Cartwright from Victoria St. They met at Goolwa sailing club recently. Small world indeed. Hope all is well with you – greetings from a dreich and misty Fife!

  3. Back row, 3rd from left is Jim Spiers. I bought his 1957 MG ZB Varitone from him around 1967. Jimmwas a motor mechanic and had this “gas guzzler” of it’s day running very sweetly.
    Jim lived on Auchinrath Road between Beech Place and Russells’s shop.
    I was best man at his wedding in Bellshill around 1970.
    On one of my trips back circa 2003, I found Jim living in Holytown. I recall he had 3 sons. A keen golfer he was a member of
    Bellshill golf club.

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