Triplet Joy, 1861

On Wednesday 20th March 1861 at High Blantyre, Mrs T Mackie, wife of Thomas Mackie, a dye worker gave birth to a set of triplets! All children, three boys were delivered safely and mother.

It got me thinking, it’s not a subject I’ve written about before. Do you know of any other triplets being born to Blantyre folk?


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Heather Mcwilliam Coincidentally, I’ve just read about another set of triplets born in Lincolnshire in 1860. The discussion that followed suggested that triplets born in Victorian times were able to claim the ‘Queens bounty’ an allowance to cater for the expense of having three babies. I wonder if records were kept.

Carole Mackie Rickard Thomas is a family name, I’m thinking these could be my great great grandfathers siblings (or one might be him)

Gerald Kellachan My mother Jane and dad Dan Kellachan , had triplets in February 1936 . Born in Viewfield ave , the village . Unfortunately one John , died at birth .and the others James and Gerald died within the first year.

Anne Grogan Oh so sad 😂

Jen MacPen Thomas is family and one of the endless Mackies born and raised at Orchardhead in High Blantyre. Two of his elder brothers, David and John, were twins. His hard working wife was Janet Mann. The babies were christened James, Robert and Thomas (named for paternal and maternal grandfathers and father).There is a subsequent newspaper report which sadly reveals that Baby Thomas sadly dies a few days later.

Marian Maguire Not Blantyre born but a lot of my family came to blantyre, my great grandma had triplets early 1900s then a set of twins, my maternal granny also had a set of twins and when working in the fields on the fa

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  1. I believe my grandfathers siblings the Marshall triplets were from Blantyre

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