Theft of Oats by known Trio


1On Friday 19th December 1862, a week before Christmas, police constable Andrew Cooper was going about his rounds on Burnbank Road when he saw three well known characters of the same family.

John Cook (the father), Sarah Cook (the wife) and also Sarah Cook (daughter) were in the dark street carrying something bulky, struggling with its weight. He immediately pounced upon the trio demanding to know what was in the sack. When it was opened, he saw large quantities of corn, beans and oats. After a little resistance, he apprehended all three of them taking them to the lock up.

On the following morning, whilst they were still locked up, police enquired at several Blantyre farm houses where it was found that the barn at Auchinraith  (Burnbrae Farm) had been entered into by force. Crops matching those stolen were found inside, the farmer and police concluding they had been taken from that very barn without permission. Mr James Scott, the farmer concluded also that a theft had taken place.

The trio of family thieves were examined before the Sheriff that same day and sent to prison for 1 week, spanning the Festive holiday.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2018

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John Cornfield For stealing food probably because they didn’t have any! A week in the clink! Shocking.

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