Dr Livingstone’s Schoolmaster



David Livingstone was forever grateful for the education he received and this was acknowledged when he returned to Blantyre in 1857.

At the end of that year, Dr Livingstone transmitted a copy of his Travels in South Africa, to his old teacher, Mr M’Skimming, of the Free Church School, Alexandria, with the following inscription written by himself:

“To William McSkimming with the kindest remembrances his grateful pupil, David Livingstone, London, 20th Nov. 1857.” The Doctor obtained his education in early years-from Mr McSkimming when he was teacher in the village school at Blantyre, prior to 1828 and at the time of Livingstone’s education in the cottages at Shuttle Row.  At page 3 of his own work it refers to his early days,- ‘Our schoolmaster—happily still alive —was supported in part by the Company; (Monteith & Coy.) He was attentive and kind, and moderate in his charges, that all who wished for education might have obtained it. Many availed themselves of the privilege; and some my schoolfellows now rank in positions far above what they appeared ever likely to come to, when in the village school.’

Pictured is Mr McSkimming and his wife.

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