Auchinraith Social Club

An advert for Auchinraith Social Club, from February 1973. Looks like plenty of entertainment on each weekend. Did YOU go to this former social club either at the corner of Glasgow Road or later at Auchinraith Road. Perhaps you worked there or can you remember any of these acts?

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Thomas Barrett My dad was manager in both old and new club.

Marion Anderson I worked there briefly in 1972 when I returned from Australia for about 2 years..met a lot of old friends at the time, it was a lot of fun and the acts were pretty good too.

Robert Crothers My uncle Charlie crothers worked there.on committee.mum and dad a lot…

Isabel Mcneily Great club

John Cornfield Was a great wee club my Mam worked in it as a waitress

Jim Frame My mum and dad were members and I remember midnite hour played there every week

Brendan O’neill my aunt worked behind the bar

John Mc Nulty Loved the Auchie.

Catherine Newell My grandad Tam Barrie used both he loved playing dominoes . my exhusband and myself used it also in late sixties early seventies

Liz Barrett Worked in it with my dad with great people x

John Dunsmore Big. Pat. Barrett , top. Man Yip both clubs old x new πŸ‘ŒπŸ’—

Davy Thomson Frequently went there in the late 80, s,, early 90,s,,was a great club

Toni Mcinally Went there for yes wen i first got married and stayed in springwell . Sunday nite was grt x steamed sausage and onion roll at bingo break lol

Davy Thomson Sunday night talent contest was brilliant,

Toni Mcinally Davy Thomson yip remember it well x

Linda Smith Best club ever.πŸ‘Œ

Diane Cunningham Betty Crothers look at this x

Matilda Fulston Worked as a waitress for years loved my job my boss was Ellen Mc Kenna she was a lovely person Monday & Wednesdays nights it was live dancing it was always busy the best years

Blantyre Project sounds like there was always something on every night of the week. Did you not work in the “Jack” too Matilda?

Matilda Fulston Yes i took over as the manergeress there when my aunt Sadie Currie left she had worked in the commercial for years before going to the Jack

John Dunsmore You are. Right. Tilly , the best years x your. Ain’t. Sadie Currie, in the. Union. Jack happy. Days.πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ‘

Matilda Fulston They were John would be great if we could turn the years back xx

Colin Duffy Snr Ma dad was never out it Mick Duffy a was in it ma self for time to time Patricia Hutcheson Docherty I worked in the bar. Bar mistress was Ellen McKenna she was great to work with. I lived in Auchinraith Terrace did not have far to go lol
Mary McGaulley Went often when we lived in Scotland it was a great club!!

John Flynn I worked part time for aunt Ella McKenna … aunt Helen McGuire worked there too both lovely ladies … late 70’s… James McGovern and other cousins worked at various times too… happy days (nights) πŸ‘

Maree Cathcart My mum worked In it for years, my dad was a committee man and I drank in it too. Was a great place

Linda Halpin Sang there with Iain Findlay also won there talent competition x

Jean Black My dad Jack Aitken was always there

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