1978 Dalton Cottages


33204803_2016149658457623_3876834263886200832_nAlthough slightly outwith Blantyre, heading to Halfway, this photo is worth sharing and close enough to be of interest.

Pictured are Dalton Cottages in 1978, shared kindly by Michelle Lochrie. What can you tell me about these roadside houses?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Marica Mckie That’s Aunt Nora’s house 🏡

Gerry Walker In the mid seventies the Mc Kie family lived here. Some of the boys going to St. Josephs and the elder brother going to John Ogilvie. Just along from these houses is where the Doyle family had their house and the kennels for their greyhounds (roughly about 150 dogs) Bernie Doyle (son) went through Primary and Secondary with me and some of the other family members were John and Bernadette to name but a few. I had moved from Blantyre to Cathkin after first year at John Ogilvie but still attended until 4th year, having to pass these cottages every day.
Alan Baird I was in a bad car smash right outside these cottages when i was 17 yrs old , i was in the passenger seat and wend through the windscreen it was an old cortina mk 2. We were coming home from the cambuslang school of building all 4 of us were in a right mess after it , i still take extra care when im on that stretch of road .

Michael Connor Is there no a carved out head on top of one of these cottages?

Aldo Muirhead still there mick

Margaret Slaven Mc Sorley A worked with Nora in Woolworth or templetons married to the man Bryson who was an old neighbors son.

Gary Doonin There used to be an old guy called Hughie Wilson stayed in the cottage nearer Blantyre I’m sure he was uncle of the Rangers and Scotland legend Davie Wilson his nickname was the ” Spittal Ghost “

Hugh Lennon Tonner Hughie Wilson used to keep hens and delivered the eggs to my Granny Lennon on a scooter !

Gary Doonin In the late 60s and early 70s at top of hill there was a man called Neilly McIntyre and there sat a big collection of Rover cars
Joe Harte Yes that’s now my aunt Nora’s house

Liz Boxall I remember the Rover cars .

Eleanor Connor My Dad always used to say that was a dangerous road…..couldn’t understand it then ‘cos it seemed to be very straightforward. … but I’ve heard of many accidents around those wee cottages and Bardykes further on. 💚💛

Liz Smith I remember the cars as well and my friend had a bad crash near them to she broke her collar bone


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  1. This is Mr David MaGowans house – it’s been the MaGowans house for lots of years – his Mother and Father before him. The McKie’s live to the left and more Docherty’s to the right lol (formerly Hughie Wilsons house)
    It has a head on the roof now – but Davie McGowan the present occupant put it there maybe 20 years ago – he found it in the garden. I used to play with the present occupier’s kids and ran about in the beautiful gardens and climbed the trees.
    I grew up at the big white house at the top of the hill – The Docherty’s – there’s still Docherty’s there – meaning there’s a Docherty at either end of the row now.
    (Docherty – McKie – MacGowan – Docherty)

  2. That’s actually my granny and granpa Magowan’s old house. The Mckee’s lived further down. The Wilsons lived in the next cottage along.

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