1920s Main Street Co-op


1920s Main Street 2A further photo from 1920’s Main Street in High Blantyre. This time outside the Co-operative buildings, which still exist today, but now as Costcutters, Hyper Cyber and the Hairdressers.

A busy scene as Blantyre residents go about the business, shopping up the Main Street. If you look closely somebody is about to wheel out a box from the close, perhaps waiting to load up the Co-op delivery cart.

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Eleanor Clark When did the Co operative close because we would go and stay with our Granny who stayed in Cemetery Road, when we were young

Blantyre Project The Co, went “in a big huff” with Blantyre in January 1979, due to the proposals for ASDA. They conceded later in that year, withdrawing their obstructions to the development, and closed seven of their premises in Blantyre. It really was the beginning of the end…

Eleanor Clark Blantyre Project well our granny died in 1969 and the Cemetery Road was still standing but a shell

Eleanor Connor Excellent !! 💚💛

Danny Moran Is that wee Sandy Campbell looking at the camera !

Margaret Mary OSullivan I love this photo – a little snapshot in the day of Blantyre people all those years ago. What was going on in all their lives? Was the woman carrying the wee one off home or just starting her shopping or dropping into her Mother’s for a cup of tea? Is that dog carrying the shopping basket? What was it’s name? Where is the man off to – is he fortunate enough to have a job or is he one of the many unemployed? What are the boys chatting about? And will the one staring straight at the camera boast of having his photo taken? Would love to spend some time staring in those windows. I hope life treated you well, dear people.

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