Relics on Display 1967


1965-david-livingstone-centre39 relics that once belonged to David Livingstone, the famous explorer went on display for the first time on Friday 17th March 1967.

They were handed over by Dr Hubert F Wilson, the grandson of the missionary and were being loaned. From 1955, they had been on display at the Livingstone Museum, Zambia and included his watch and first colour sketches of Victoria Falls.

A number of other items including paintings by Thomas Baines, official artist on Livingstone’s Zambesi expedition (1858-1863) were also on display, extracted from the museum in Zambia. These were being loaned by Livingstone’s grand-neince, Mrs Harryhousen.

Mr Bill Cunningham, warden of the Memorial Centre graciously welcomed the exhibits. Pictured is Dr Wilson at the centre.

Extracts from “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2018

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