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In January this year, I had the honour of being invited to the home of George Patterson in Broompark Road. The elderly gentleman kindly asked me to come along to show some photos of his very interesting and adventurous life!

Whilst in the Army (12th Royal Lancers) in the Far East during the 1950’s, George was part of a successful football team known as the Lancers of Ipoh. George went from Blantyre to Malaya in 1951 and immediately turned his spare time to passion of football and boxing. In 1952, he had his first full season and in 1953 played right half then centre forward for the Lancers. He also skippered the team.

With permission, George shared these remarkable photos showing just a taste of spare time during Army life, so very far from home.

George is still well know in Blantyre. He became the business owner of Patterson’s Coaches.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Linda O’Donnell My Dad knows him well,says hello George and we went to school with his daughter Janette

Blantyre Project George and his wife were so kind to me when i visited. Enjoyed that afternoon a lot listening to his stories.

Helen Stewart Worked for Mr Paterson in burnbank he had a taxi and coach business still great friends with his daughter x

Blantyre Project Some photos of the business coming this week.
Caragh Sneddon Kelly Maguire did papa not go to Malaya that year???

Kelly Maguire Caragh I think he did x

Carole B Buchan Great photos of George.He and Cathy are a lovely couple.

Liz Boxall Isobel … very interesting about your dads brother.. I hope your well X

Isobel Paterson Hey Liz all is well yeah just seen it about him hope your well hen xx

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