Dye Works Burns down 1821


On Saturday 28th April 1821, in one of the very first documented articles about fires in Blantyre, the former extensive dye works at Blantyre Works, near the River Clyde, burned down.

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The loss was total, despite desperate attempts to save it and from keeping it from spreading.

The dye works, situated on the bend of the river, was however renovated and rebuilt, ensuring this time it was kept separate from the adjacent cotton mill. [Source: Lancaster Gazette]

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Blantyre Project This building burned down COMPLETELY no less than FOUR times between 1821-1867! Sometimes in all 6 storeys putting many people out of employment for lengthy periods of time!

Alison Walker-Hill Occasionally I dig up dye “capsules” in my garden…..next time I find one I’ll send you a photo.

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