Calder Cabs

Can anybody tell me anything about Calder Cabs? This advert from 1967 states they were there at 27 Stonefield Road. Was this near the corner of Calder Street? Who ran the cabs? Perhaps YOU worked there? When did they start up and when did they end?

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John Dunsmore Yip on the left hand corner going down. Calder street x behind it was corrugated. Bookies .👍

Blantyre Project was it at the corner near the junction then? 27 Stonefield Road sounds about the corner of Calder Street.

John Dunsmore Blantyre Project Yip on the. Button. Paul ,👍

Blantyre Project John where the fish van used to be?

Neil Wright the owner was Andy o Neil i used to drive for them

Anne Irvine Neil Wright u drove for the queen mother. hahahaha

Neil Wright Anne hes drove for everyone except the pope haha

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