Removal Hunthill Railway Bridge

1960s Hunthill Road wm

1962 Hunthill Road Railway Bridge

Further photos showing the removal of the Railway Bridge at Hunthill Road. What is thought to be 1962 or 1963, the bridge removal is underway.

Workmen have a stop/go board to continue letting pedestrians through, like these ladies going about their business unaffected by the work. The ladies are walking past the second Hunthill Railway Bridge (yes, there were two!). They’re walking past the raised ground of the bungalow, “Greenacre” which still has a lampost like that outside it today, directly across from the top of Stonefield Crescent.

In the foreground is the ironwork of the second bridge.

The bridge abutments continued for some years after this, the dismantled railway and abutments lasting throughout most of the 1960’s.

With thanks to Alex Rochead for sharing.

1960s Removal of Hunthill Rail bridge wm

1962 Hunthill Road Railway Bridge

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Henry Hambley The two bridges were for the line to High Blantyre station and the pits. The other bridge dismantled in this scene would be for the branch to East Kilbride via the viaduct. I think there was a halt at Greenhall or maybe serving Crossbasket.

Brian Weaver You must be a lot older than me to have remembered that, Henry!😄

Blantyre Project Crossbasket stop was ‘Calderwoodglen Halt”, more a platform than any station.

Henry Hambley I seem to remember walking the railway line from Stoneymeadow down towards Blantyre and you could still see the remnants of the halt. Definitely not a station.

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