Pictured here in mid October 2016 in my garden at High Blantyre Main Street, is a bag full of mushrooms! Now, I know what you’re thinking, and thats not why I was picking them! I usually find a few mushrooms growing in my grass in the dampness of October, but that year, with milder weather, I filled a bin bag of the funghi, for trashing. I have to admit my lawn is poorly drained, and ideal for mushroom growth.


I lift them, as I didn’t like the thought of my dog trying to eat them, and they don’t look great on the lawn to be honest. Having no clue about mushrooms, I have no idea if these are harmless or not, but they were harvested and binned anyway. Does anybody else get a harvest of mushrooms on their lawn in late Autumn?

This reminds me of being about 5 years old. Dad would take us up in the car to Auchentibber and we’d go and collect mushrooms, which I remember there being plenty of. We’d stop at the backroads to Strathaven and go into random fields to collect them, absolutely trespassing! I’m not keen on mushrooms at all, so its not a tradition I’ll be passing on and I think it goes back to the days of my father picking mushrooms in the forests of Czechoslovakia, which I know he did. The photo shows Joe Veverka, my dad up the back roads somewhere with his first car in Scotland around 1971. I don’t think this was a mushroom picking trip given his shirt and tie, but the photo takes me right back to being in that car and heading off to Auchentibber with a trolley bag to collect them. Goodness only knows what he did with them all. lol.


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Henry Hambley I think foraging for edibles seems to be a faculty we have lost. I know that on me daily walk I pass a whole number of things which I don’t know anything about especially whether they are edible or harmful. Interestingly, Jasper, the cocker spaniel, seems to have no problems carefully selecting some plants and ignoring others with no ill effects.

Frances Reid my mum used to pick the mushroomsin as i was brought up in Auchentibber xxx

Stephen Canavan I used to pick magic ones can’t remember much after we ate them 😴😴😴

Liz Jack One of the memories of my dad up Auchentibber with our baskets

Andy Callaghan Ha, I’m just back from holiday and giving the back grass the first cut of the season. Back garden has lots of mature trees so very shady. Loads of mushrooms, but like you Paul I’ve no idea if they’re edible

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