Crossbasket Castle Engraving


This photo taken by Jim Brown

Many people will know of local man John Dunsmore (aka Wee Yanni) and his passion for the River Calder. A favourite fishing spot, John loves nothing more than spending time near the river.


His skills include stonemasonry, something he’s become very accomplished at, and notably renewing the plaque on the Blantyre Disaster memorial and cleaning up the park plaques too. In recent years he carved a beautiful message embedded professionally into the natural stone at the riverbank, which has featured here before on the page.

John’s latest activity was to celebrate the renaming of Crossbasket Castle (formerly Crossbasket House) by engraving the name “Crossbasket Castle” into the natural stone at the side of the River, below the Castle. Beside the ‘4 Angels Falls’ below Crossbasket Castle, the new engraving can be found. His work took some time, and although not being in the best of health, he ‘kept at it’ with the finished beautiful result today as shown.

SO, for the record, this new engraving was done in May 2018 and should be there for many, many generations to come.



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