Auchentibber Massed Bands Concert


Band 1921

1921 Auchinraith Band

One of the finest open-air concerts ever held in Blantyre took place Sunday night of 23rd July 1922, in a field at Auchentibber, High Blantyre.

Incredibly, despite the small size of the ‘hamlet’, there was an audience of nearly 4,000 people. To put that in perspective, around 2,000 people usually attend the current summer galas!

Motor charabancs ran continually from Blantyre, Hamilton, and other areas allowing people easy access to come and go. A three hours’ programme was carried out by Stonehouse, Shotts R.C., and Auchinraith Silver Bands, all prize combinations and combined there were eighty players, under the leadership of Mr John Faulds.

The concert was promoted by Mr J. B. H. Struthers, High Blantyre, on behalf of the Blantyre Cottage Hospital, which, in a bad financial condition desperately needed more funds. Around £100 was raised from the efforts,  handed over the institution.

This postcard shows Auchinraith Silver Band from the year before, so many of those pictured must have taken part in this concert.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2018

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Janet Cochrane Photo taken at the back of the school

Blantyre Project I have some great old photos of Auchinraith School from this era coming soon, previously unseen. Stay tuned.
Kenny Mallan That’s over £5,500 in today’s money. Considering the financial hardship of the 1920’s, This must’ve been a fantastic achievement.

Blantyre Project goes to show the popularity of the band and the venue. I agree. That was an amazing achievement and people must have dug deep to help.

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