TACT Healthy Garden

Plants and Vegetables for sale

A little hidden gem in Blantyre! The TACT Healthy Garden is now open, adjacent to the TACT Hall, Coatshill. Run by dedicated volunteers, this is an important time of year for them, when the produce and flowers grown go on sale to the public.

They have onions and cabbage’s ready for transplanting, which were grown from seeds in their excellent poly tunnels. These are now large enough to be planted in gardens. There’s also seed potatoes and tomato plants ready for sale, RIGHT ON YOUR DOORSTEP!

Patrick, one of the volunteers told us, “Additionally, we also have pots of Hosta, Lupins, Geraniums and Strawberries for sale.”

The volunteers are all experienced and this shows in the quality of the produce with advice at hand. Prices are all very reasonable and competitive with surrounding shops.

Need Hanging Baskets?

If you want hanging baskets or pots this year and wish to support your local community , rather than big DIY stores or garden centres? Then why not drop in! They’re taking orders just now, with baskets and pots being ready for collection end of May, start of June.

TACT Healthy Garden is open on Monday – Friday, 10.00am until 12noon.

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