Stonefield Public Park


27294578_1897552130273787_529234039_nJohn Ward Duffy shared this excellent photo of Stonefield Public Park, showing the former boating pond. Pictured is his father and 2 brothers around 1966.

Who remembers these pedal boats?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Elizabeth Grieve I remember the pedal boats. They were fun

Anne Irvine Brilliant pic. Especially when u zoom in at the back with the putting shed + old buildings

Blantyre Project when the park closed, i heard a rumour that one of these boats ended up in the Calder! Would love if anybody could shed some light on that . lol

Andrena Black Remember the pedal boats.

William Mullen jim, bobby, n john ?

Anne Marie Murray I remember Mr Hoolahan was in charge at the putting green. Great memories of the park. Just wish it was still the same…

Paul McLauchlin He was my great uncle. A real gentleman.

Catherine Hailes Young Aww great memories

John Cavanagh Got so many memories from back in the day great picture

Janette Stark Great memories

ManageJane Maxwell It was a beautiful park then with all the flower beds. Along with the boating pond and putting green.

Margaret Liddle I remember falling into it.

Sheila Strang Yes briefly

Frances KellyCsn Such a lovely park back in those days.

Anne Burns Have great memories of hot summers at the park. Boating pond, paddling pool at the big swings, smaller swings near the entrance,putting green water taps for a drink. Families having picnics.

Kathleen Mc Dermott Parks I remember the boats and the putting green Mr David Dixon was one of the gardeners that kept the park looking beautiful back in those days.

Jackie Paterson a dont remember these ones but a used to go on the yellow ones when a was younger just showed ma kids they said its not fair the parks rubbish now they want boats lol

Betty Brown Who remembers number ,any number come in yir times up, 👍👍👍

Robert McLeod-Wolohan me i used to go on them, then when i got married and then a family i took my kids on them as well. used to love the public park then, when everything u wanted was there.

Margo Haughen I remember too x

Tricia Allan-Martin Love this photo, it was great fun on those peddle boats back in the day!

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