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Here’s a connection between the  Blantyre Round Table and the Blantyre Round Table in Malawi. In 1985 Sandy Wilkie, George Fulston, Billy Holdsworth, Ian Prowdfoot, Ronnie McIntosh and Kenny Jack flew out to Malawi as guests of the local Blantyre Round Table. They identified the need for an ambulance and various medical supplies.

1991 April Round Table

A Ford Transit was donated to the Round Table and was refurbished to meet the needs of an ambulance. On 7 December 1988 it was ready to sail out from Felixstowe to Malawi filled with various medical products and items, which would have made a massive difference to the people there.

1988 Round Table donation

In 1991 further items were dispatched to Malawi. Blantyre Round Table is fondly remembered for all their charitable work and putting Blantyre on the map!

1988 Round Table collection of glasses wm

In the attached photo are Sandy Wilkie, Alex McPherson, Kenny Jack, Ian Proudfoot and Ronnie McIntosh sorting through glasses to be sent out. Sadly, Alex, Kenny and Ronnie are no longer with us. With thanks to Sandy Wilkie for sharing this interesting information.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Jean McIntosh Never realised there were so many different sizes and styles of specs. Used to clean them in the dishwasher sparkling. It was decided, because if the weight not to send cases. Then word came back it would cost a couple of months wages to get a case. We had to put them back in cases. Didn’t realise so many different sizes and boxes. Every week we put leaflets through the doors. If the letterbox was in the middle of the door it usually went into a big dogs mou think. If it was at the bottom it was a Jack Russell. One dog let me in the garden but would not let me out.

Carine Mcpherson Alex McPherson was my dad. Him and all the other fantastic men in Blantyre Roundtable worked tirelessly to support numerous charities but they were extremely proud of the work they did for Blantyre Malawi. I have great memories of this time. Sadly three of these men are no longer with us and all missed. Thank you for posting this. It was a treat to open Facebook and see my wee dads face. x

Debbie Matthews I remember your mum Liz stays in Afton gardens x

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  1. Having just returned from a brief visit to Blantyre, Malawi, I have the greatest respect for what the Round Table and these gentlemen provided.
    As Billy Connolly once said “horrible things happening to wonderful people”. Goodness knows what it was like 30 plus years ago.
    A few dollars to a couple of people and it was like a lottery win and provided incentive to do a little more here and there.
    Sorry to hear that three of these good folks have passed. They did honourable things along with their surviving colleagues.
    I remember Ian Proudfoot from school. You have my admiration.

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