Milheugh Walk, Friday 27th April

You may have seen I’m co-presenting an historical walk about Milheugh on the evening of Friday 27th April 2018. Hosted also by South Lanarkshire Countryside Rangers, the purpose is to open the new paths around Milheugh and Barnhill, and i’ll be there to add a little history narrative to the area.

The event is FREE and starts at 7.00pm leaving from the Hoolets Carpark, on Bardykes Road. It will be a downhill walk for the best part, at a gentle pace and everybody is welcome (including kids and pets). The walk will finish near the white gates, a short distance back to the Hoolets Carpark. There’s quite a crowd of people noted their interest already.

We’ll be going from the Hoolets Car Park, down the Pech Brae, over to Milheugh Bridge, then to the meadow and falls, then along the riverbank, before cutting back across the meadow and up the hill to the white gates, stopping briefly at each point of interest.

I’m using April’s book sales as a charitable cause and with the new book doing well, I’ve already ordered something nice for everybody attending, to support the walk. There’s around 2 dozen, full colour, glossy guidebooks which will support the history tour. You know the kind of thing…..maps, illustrations, old photos etc. Whilst these are to be handed back in for re-use at other times, it should add a greater depth in visualising how things once used to look. Everybody attending will get a free Blantyre Project bookmarker.


You can read more about the history walk and confirm attendance here:

The cover photo in this booklet is the only modern photo in it and shows a horse near Malcolmwood, photographed by Jim Brown.

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  1. This is awesome Paul. Superb way to get active involvement. Wish everyone great success.

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