Glasgow Road South – New Book launched!

With so much going on personally in April, I’ve decided against a book launch in a local venue and just going to quietly launch my exciting new book, here now online.

NOW available on Amazon and available to buy HERE on this page’s shop, “Blantyre Glasgow Road South” is a fantastic, definitive new book on Glasgow Road. At 2″ thick, 642 pages, a fifth of a million words and 437 high resolution images it’s also the largest book EVER published about Blantyre! (and by far the book I’m most proud of). A year and a half in the making, you’ve seen quite a lot of it here on this page, but of course I’ve held back many incredible stories and images, exclusively for the book.

Charting EVERY building, EVERY business on Glasgow Road South from Greenfield Foundry to The Priory Bridge, it spans 3 Centuries and over 345 businesses.

It’s a massive book and as such slightly more expensive than usual, perhaps only for the more dedicated Blantyre history fan. I would say though, for £14.95 with FREE delivery, it’s a great gift for somebody and will appeal to all ages. It absolutely weighs a tonne!

<< BUY HERE>>>

This book is ONLY available to buy online, with no stock kept offline. Available now, all over the world. As always, people will be pleased to know, all 100% proceeds to Blantyre good causes.


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