Farewell to Big Wull



Remembering William Smith

In 1973, William Smith , a well known local died tragically in a fire in Kent at his daughter’s home. Known in Blantyre as “Big Wull” he had worked most of his life in Cardowan Colliery near Stepps.

William Smith (79) formerly of 79 Parkville Drive was born in Auchentibber in 1894 and stood over 6 foot tall, well built and very proud man. Even after the loss of BOTH his legs his strength and spirit never waned. It was only after the death of his wife, Nellie Jack in 1962 that he decided to go and live with his daughter permanently in Kent.

The house that Mr Smith lost his life in was completely gutted by the fire. His granddaughter Fiona Peters who was with him when the fire broke out was rescued but was badly burned around her body and legs. William’s son Peter Smith lived in High Blantyre.

Do you know the Smith family?


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