1984 Blantyre High Dinner Ladies


Going back now to 1984 and these ladies are the School Dinner staff at Blantyre High School. Shared here by Lena Elliott, some of their names are known.

Morag? Sylvia McKean, Isa Anderson, Frieda Oliver, Jessie Shaw, May Docherty, Lena Blair, Rena McQueen, Jean Cameron.

This looks like it was taken in the dinner hall in Blantyre High School. I wont forget those brick painted walls! Do you remember school dinners at Blantyre High?

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Davy Thomson Loved the shredded beetroot, that’s it!! Lol

Kerry Anne Smith Sylvia McKeane is my wee gran xxxx

Kerry Anne Smith Sylvia McKeane is my wee gran xxxx
Anne Irvine Worked with Jessie + Freda in St.Blanes 1993. Isa was my grans niece. All lovely ladies. And I loved dinners ’75-’79 lol

Gaz Wright canny beat the apple crumble n custard school dinners lol x

Elizabeth Grieve Never had a school dinner at high school.

Christian Henderson Am sure Sylvia was still there in the early 90s,was she a cleaner in the school also? Xx

Lynne Dunsmuir No my Aunt Sylvia was only in the kitchen, the extras or bigger portions were fantastic, the caramel shortcake n school custard were 1st class…xxx

Catherine Sneddon Loved school dinners my fav was fish fingers chips beetroot then shortbread biscuit going out door xx
Margaret Hailes That dinner was Morag Richardson she was a neighbour of mine x

Leaha Anderson Both my granny’s are in these photos šŸ’•šŸ’• may Docherty and isa Anderson

Carol Crombie Don’t think I ever had a school dinner, just packed lunches

Blantyre Project i never had a school dinner at Primary, and only had maybe about 5 or 6 in total at High School! School was always near enough to walk home at lunchtimes. Mum always had lunch ready either homemade or from “oor wullies” in main street.

Thomson Andrew Caramel shortcake was amazing

Lynsey Mcleod Iā€™m sure 1 of the dinner ladies is jean mackie

Tracy Shannon Aye It is hen šŸ˜Š!!xox

Karen Paterson Simpkins Omg ThomsonAndrew…i used to be first in line for that.

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