1950’s Main Street, High Blantyre

I’m guessing this brilliant photo was taken in the late 1950’s. Pictured, unusually for the time in colour is High Blantyre’s Main Street. The Baptist Church (the wee tin kirk) is pictured before the current building was constructed.

1950s Main Street High Blantyre wm

I’ve not seen many photos of the 1950’s and 1960’s streets in Blantyre, so this one is a rare gem. In the background is Todd’s Bakery, which would become an ice cream shop and plumbers. Behind it, you can just about make out the former McLeans Aerated Mineral Water works, although by this time the buildings were being used as warehouse storage.

Out the scene in the foreground are the police houses, which at the time of this photo, must have been relatively new.

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Blantyre Project Can anybody remember this building?

Margaret Henry Walked past it every day on my way to and from school. My friend Yvonne McPhee lived in the police houses. Margaret Henry (Dorricott)

Margaret Nimmo Lehmann Another name from the past Margaret, I had forgotten about Yvonne till you mentioned her here. I remember the police houses and Church building, walking pas them everyday.
Elizabeth Weaver Yes, that’s the church I remember. Not sure when the police houses were built but I thought they were there all through my childhood (and I was born in 1947). The air raid siren used to sound regularly from the police houses (just for testing purposes by then). Brian Weaver, can you confirm? Or is your old sister losing her marbles? 🙂 The photo does look like late 50s, judging by the clothes.

Brian Weaver I remember the siren and it was tested regularly in the 1950s. Look how clean and sharp the edge of the road was kept thanks to the many road sweepers that used to be employed.

Elizabeth Weaver True – so many jobs lost. And with so many people employed locally and outdoors – road sweepers, park-keepers, even the polis! – any trouble from youngsters tended to be nipped in the bud. In those days, the streets were busy (further down the road at 

Blantyre Project Police Station opened on Wednesday 10th May 1950, begging the question then, were these houses before that? I’ve never heard that and only ever knew them as being built for the police.

Helen Williams That was the church I attended, can remember the room at the front for the kids Sunday School..

Jim McDougall I started high Blantyre school in 1948 and remember the police houses then as I used to walk passed them every day going to school , brilliant photo I’m looking forward to seeing more , The Blantyre I remember with Auld friends and Neighbours what brilliant times they were , Thanks for sharing Blantyre Project,

Blantyre Project Police Station opened on 10th May 1950. Constructed most likely at the end of 1949, early 1950.

Jim McDougall Blantyre Project Yes I thought it was around that time as I always remembered that they were brand new housing ,

Claire Twaddle Daniel That’s our wall and garden with considerable less trees. The same iron fence!

Margaret Lindner Remember it well . Used to go to the Sunday school .

William Dickson yes the baptist church went there in my young days the police houses were there in the 50s petrol station across thr road next to masonic hall born in 1948 my childhood days great memories

Henry Hambley Yes. Great memories of Baptist Church in High Blantyre. I remember the air siren on the roof which was sounded regularly. Don’t remember Todds Bakery except that my dad used to go on about as having the best rolls in High Blantyre. It’s times like these that I wish he were still alive or that I had written down his memories. Still I am sure that Paul will jog mob people’s memories.

Margaret Elma Griffin I used to attend that Baptist Church and remember going on Sunday School outings to Ayr and Prestwick with steamers hanging out the windows Happy Days

BillandLexy Dorricott I attended that church and was in the first high blantyre boy’s brigade in the church

Margaret Elma Griffin The Police houses were there in the early 50s I remember the siren on the roof used to pass them most days on my way to School although sometimes had a change and went through High Blantyre Park it will always be High Blantyre Park to me don’t know where Kirkton came from

Alan Baird aye me too

Andy Callaghan I remember this building well while I was growing up. Knew it was a church but didn’t know it was Baptist.

Alan Baird Do you know the wee curved bit of the railing between the police houses fence and the church fence is still there today .

Margaret Lindner Sure is 👍

Alan Baird Margaret Lindner ano it is thats what i was saying

Elizabeth Weaver I didn’t know that, Alan Baird – must have a look next time I’m over. Thanks!

Alan Baird Elizabeth Weaver no problem its a lovely wee bit of railing , it kind of stands out from the rest , like a quadrant with wee nodules around the outside

Elizabeth Weaver Alan Baird Thanks again. I’ll take the camera next time and have a proper look.

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