1910’s Main Street, High Blantyre

Hopefully this is the first time you’ve seen this photo! This is over a hundred years ago at High Blantyre Main Street.

1910s main street hb wm

Looking eastwards from the Priestfield Area, the cottage in the middle left (Loch Ryan Cottage) is still there today in the form of McLeans Newsagents.

In the foreground is Robert Todd’s bakers shop in a tenement thats no longer there. Today, a modern new home has been built in that location near the entrance to the Kirkton Public Park.

The former Co-op buildings are on the right hand side on the south of Main Street, and clearly theres a noticeable lack of any traffic. I’ll be exploring the detailed history of all these buildings in due course.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Eleanor Clark So at the bottom end on the left is that Blakley’s pub

Blantyre Project You cant see Blakelys in the picture but yes, its just beyond the last tall tenement on the left.

Henry Hambley Interesting how many people there are walking on the pavements and road. A busy little place.

Blantyre Project I suppose the abundance of co shops at that location, being primary food & clothing shops led to these busier streets. I bet the same was true for Glasgow Road in that era.

Betty McLean Wonderful smell from Todd bakery on my way to High Blantyre school.

Blantyre Project Can you remember window displays Betty?

Moira Todd Wonderful…. love these!

Eleanor Connor Absolutely Fabulous !! 💚 💛

Margaret Nimmo Lehmann My Muircroft Grandfather lived over the Co-Op Draper’s Building on the left hand side in the 50s and 60s and I believe my Mum was born in the old tenements mentioned on the right hand side of Main Street.

Jean Gibson My dad and his 5 brothers were born in Cemetry Walk just a bit further down on the left. He was born in 1909. It is lovely to think some of the Watson family coukd be in this photo!

James Dick Aye was born in the old tenements there was a wee shop right at the close



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  1. My grandmother went to live with her aunt and uncle, in 1900, at the age of 5, after her mother passed away. They lived in Rosebank cottage, Auchenraith Rd. I wondered if anyone would know which school, she would have attended? Thanks.

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