Walkinshaw Fatality – 1925



An accident, which happened on Monday 16th November 1925 at a Blantyre Colliery, owned by Wm. Baird and Sons, Ltd resulted in the death of David Walkinshaw of Hunthill Road and injuries to Alexander Lightbody of Halfway, Cambuslang.

Both men were engaged on repairing work when a sharp fall of stones completely buried them. Walkinshaw left behind a widow and children.

Do you know what became of the Walkinshaw family? Not a name I know in Blantyre now.

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Jean Gibson I taught Walkinshaws in Udston Primary 40 years ago!

Moira Lees My mothers middle name was Walkinshaw
David Baillie The walkinshaw family are still in hamilton
Jack Bethel Paul, my grandmother was Robina Walkinshaw. She was born in 1889. She married William Bethel in 1912 at High Blantyre. I think her address on their marriage certificate was Hunthill Road but I don’t have it to hand just now. William and Robina lived in the building at Barnhill. The y had 7 children, 6 sons and 1 daughter.
The family moved to 2 Stonefield Crescent around 1935 and one son, David Walkinshaw Bethel lived there until he died in 2008. I know my grandmother had sisters and David Walkinshaw could have been her brother.


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  1. I believe the above Walkinshaw fatality was my Grandfather David Walkinshaw and also was the elder brother of the Robina mentioned by Jack Paul. David died at Glasgow Royal Infirmary on the 14th, not 16th, of November. His death certificate states “injuries to head, chest, leg, arm and shock” as cause of death. I found his name, date of death and place of work also listed under the register of fatal accident inquiries via the scottish mining website.
    He was a colliery ‘Roadsman’ at Baird’s No 3 Priory Pit, Bothwell Castle Colliery. The scottish shale website defines this job as ” to inspect, maintain and repair underground and tip roadways or haulage tracks. Duties included removing falls from the roofs of roads and air courses and supporting loose strata through the use and renewal of timber supports which were susceptible to decay from moisture, principally in the return airways.”

    The story I have is that he died on the operating table in hospital. One whole side of his body was badly crushed, with one leg near severed at the thigh.
    David and his wife Bessie were living at 55 Hunthill Road in 1925. My gran Bessie was left with 4 children ages 5 to 12, to raise : Robert (Bobby) , Hugh , David and Helen (Nellie) . Robert died in 1932, unmarried, age18, after an operation for a narrowing of his intestine. Seemingly he had contracted pneumonia after persuading the staff to allow him out to watch a football match. By the early 1950’s, my dad Hugh, David and Nellie, had all left the Blantyre area at the time of their marriages. My gran Bessie moved from Hunthill Road to Welsh Drive, High Blantyre where she lived till her death in 1967.
    Robert and Janet Walkinshaw, my great grandparents, had originally moved in 1884 from Carnwath to Hendries Rows, Thorniewood, Bothwell Parish. I think Robert had a relative living near Udston at that time. It may have been his younger brother David. Robert was a colliery engineer which I believe is the same as a ‘winder’ or engineman, responsible for operating and maintaining the machinery at the pit head.
    By my grandfather David’s birth, in 1886, they were living at 47 Calder Street, Blantyre with David’s older sisters, Elizabeth Main Walkinshaw, Agnes, Marion known as ‘Mirn’ and Janet.
    My gran Bridget Shields, always known to us as ‘Bessie’, was born 2 years after David, just 2 streets down at 30 Hall Street. The Shields family later moved to 13 Park Street, Dixon’s Rows. By 1912 she was a live in farm servant at High Whitehills Farm, East Kilbride.
    David had a further 3 younger sisters, Robina, Helen and Catherine, known as Kate. By 1911, after his mum Janet’s death, David lived at 41 Hunthill Road with his dad Robert and sister Helen.
    David’s sister, Robina Walkinshaw was born on the 6th July 1889. I remember my mum saying that Robina was known as ‘Beany’ and her married name was Bethel. Also, that Robina had a daughter called Ruby who nursed my gran when she was in Hairmyers Hospital, where she died in 1967.

    1. Thank you Myra. Thats some very good detail. I appreciate your post adding so much more information. Paul

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