High Blantyre Church Hall

1989 new church hall hb wmHere are a few photos of the current High Blantyre Church Hall being built in 1989 and what it looked like once completed. Built of brick and timber, the halls replaced the older halls on the opposite side of the road, demolished earlier that year.

1989 new hall roof wm

1989 new hall wm

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David Wands Consulting Civil Engineers were DBM Consultants in Motherwell.
I did the drawings for it. It just lost out on winning an award for its use of brick. The outside walls are pre-tensioned. That is, that there is steel reinforcement running along the foundations, up within the wall (cavity) and then along the concrete topping. (Which can be seen on the right of the top photo). I have a couple of photos somewhere that show this. If I find them I will post these too.

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