Executex Clothing

Executex Clothing factory was formerly located in the 1970’s at the old Hector Powes unit at High Blantyre Industrial Estate. It specialised in the manufacture of outer clothing, as illustrated.

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Incorporated on 12th April 1951, the business was English based and is now dissolved.  During the 1970’s the firm’s Social Club held fundraising events for various charities. In December 1978, they raised a whopping £557 to buy a special automatic buggy for a local child suffering from the disabling disease of spina bifida.

Workers at Executex included Iris Welch, who moved there after working in the Electrical Dept of the Co-op.

I don’t have a lot of notes about Executex, so if you worked there or can tell me more, please do let me know….

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Linda Smith I worked there, think the supervisor name was Margaret Fares

Angela Smith A didnt no u worked here mum x
Linda Smith Yes my first job when I left school.

Linda Smith Yes worked beside ,Linda McGowan, Agnes Hunter, & think her first name was Marion Ramage .

Moyra Lindsay When I was wee I could hear the sound of women walking from the industrial estate towards the timber houses. Their feet and their chat. Nearly all had curlers under turbans, it was like an army on the March. Hard working ladies. ( women!)

Blantyre Project i MAY, just MAY have a tiny fraction of a video of exactly that. Well , women coming from the industrial estate to the prefabs over the road….Need to get my thinking cap on how to transfer it online.

Catherine Newell I started work at Hector Powers and trained as a machinist when I was 15 in 1967 , my aunt Jean Barrie worked there before me and my uncle Hugh White her husband worked there also

Margaret Smith Tyers A photo of my mum and work colleagues from Hector Powes xManage
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Margo Robertson Great pic can pick moira out no problem! X

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