Blantyre Flooded out

In April 1925, Blantyre saw enormous flooding (as did much of Scotland). It caused SO many problems for businesses and individuals alike.

In the area surrounding Blantyre, acres of fields were under water damaging new crops. On the tramway track, the flooding was most serious at Whistleberry Bridge near Springwell  and at the other end of Blantyre at Spittal (Priory) Bridge, where the water was lying to a depth of three to four feet!

The early morning workmen’s cars could not get through to Blantyre, and in consequence large numbers of workmen had to forego their day’s work.

Westend Place, the large two-storey building at the corner of Bardykes Road was a building most affected by the flooding, completely surrounded by water. The sewers were unable to cope with the terrific rush of water, whilst at Auchinraith Bridge all traffic was suspended, four feet of water lying below the bridge. It took several weeks into May for the water to dissipate.

Pictured, much later in 1960 at High Blantyre is another large flood!

1960 Waverley Terrace

1960 Waverley Terrace Flood shared by S Doherty

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Helen Allan My gran lived in no 17 Waverley terrace. 3rd door on left of picture

Margaret Lindner Still live there .34….

John Dunsmore Mind oe it well was down visiting a friend. Noble. Leishman .

Margaret Lindner Stayed right across from me . Remember him well .

John Dunsmore Yip. Noble nice chap tae myself x. Bel


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