Three Generations of Weddings

I like when somebody takes the time to share photos like this next article. Andrena Black contacted me recently with the wedding photos of THREE generations of her family saying, “Here are the wedding photographs of my parents, my daughter and my own.” Each wedding took place at High Blantyre’s Old Parish Church.

Photograph 1 – Ronnie Geddes, 79 Small Crescent Blantyre married Mary MacEachen from  the Isle of Barra on the 31st March 1956 in Blantyre Old Parish Church.
1956 Ronnie Geddes & Mary MacEachen

Photograph 2 – Andrena Geddes 42 Hardie Street, Blantyre married  Cameron Black
from Oban, Argyll on the 30th of September 1980 in the Blantyre Old Parish Church.
1980 Andrena Geddes & Cameron Black
Photograph 3 – Laura Black, 52 Hardie Street, Blantyre married Callum Prentice from Harthill on the 15th of July 2017 in the Blantyre Old Parish Church.”
2017 Laura Black & Callum Prentice
Thank you to Andrena for sharing her lovely, happy family photos.
Do YOU have any pictures you would like to add to our large collection of many hundreds of wedding photos? Perhaps your parents, or your own? Drop me a message.
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Samantha Conn
Fab photos Andrena xx

Ian McLean Ronnie was my father in laws cousin, he also stayed in Small Crescent. We also stayed there after we got married, we now stay in Hardie St.

Andrena Black Hi Ian Mum dad also lived in Hardie Street I stay there to… small world

Caroline Kilgour Great photos Andrena, hope you are all well 😘

Catherine Davidson Cameron you look so different. Handsome young man. Andrea lovely photos .

Ann Marie Beautiful photos Andrena 😊😊😊

Vicky McCool Lovely pics Andrena Black! X

Moira Lees Cameron said it before Ross is your double & Laura is so like you ANDRENA xx

Betty McLean Really lovely.

Jennifer Mallory Beautiful story & photos of such a lovely family x

Marilyn Muir Wonderful pictures 👍

Frank Kelly Cammy had hair once!! 😅

Margo Haughen Lovely Andrena x

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