The Wilkies


Peter & Margaret Wilkie and family

Peter, Margaret, Margo and Agnes Wilkie. (Is that Sandy on the far left?) Perhaps the family can tell us a little more about this lovely family photo?

Shared by Sandy Wilkie.

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Betty McLean Love the prams, great photo.
Elizabeth Weaver How lovely to see some old familiar faces! Great pic – thanks to Sandy for sharing these.
Sandy Wilkie Oh dear, where to start? It IS wee Sandy with his Robin Hood bow & arrow, made from wood from the Calder and baler twine! In the background is the Bedford Dormobile, my dad’s first ever brand new vehicle bought a few years before this photo (which was taken in front of the “milk house” about 1959). As the era of horse drawn milk carts was coming to an end, Dad travelled down to Bedford (with Hugh McDade) to collect it direct from the factory so that he could “run it in” by driving it very carefully from London to Birdsfield Farm, High Blantyre. It was fully fitted with seats inside but we removed them all to put wooden and metal crates for bottles of milk to deliver round the doors. They were all screwed back in when we were having a family day out! The Alsatian dog was Dinky and my two wee sisters are Margo & Agnes (she’s the one sucking her thumb currently sailing in her yacht with hubby Brian in the Caribbean having left their lovely new home in Argyll in May after retiring last year from her journalistic career in TV production). Margo’s married to Stuart and lives in that smashing wee House next to the Hoolets but as I type, is having a lazy weekend down in her wee but’n’ben in Argyll! My mother Margaret McCracken, originally from California in Falkirk, a district nurse and midwife locally when she met dad, Peter B Wilkie JP when he stopped and helped her change a puncture on the Nurses car in 1948! Enough?
Rosalyn Faulds So did your Mum work with my Dad? (Jack Terris)?
Sandy Wilkie Rosalyn – daughter of the wonderful Dr Terris? If I remember correctly, you are just a few years older than me and lived across the Birdsfield Brae from us (we were in Birdsfield Farm). Your dad actually delivered me at home in 1951! I’ve forgotten your brother’s name – John?
Agnes Wilkie Oh I remember Dr Terriis – how exciting, Rosalyn – and I thought you had the best name in the world!
Margo Haughen I have great memories of Dr Terris too-sugar cube vaccinations at your family home! I was a nurse too and mum used to tell me stories of the minor surgeries she did with your dad at the Cottage Hospital (tonsellectomies, etc!)-this is where Mrs Glenn lives with her family in Bardykes Road!

She also said that Dr Terris’s timely intervention in her long, long labour with Sandy, absolutely saved his life! We all owe your dad a great deal- you have every reason to be immensely proud of himxx

Ruth Haughen Margo Haughen you with a pram… How cute

Sandy Wilkie She was forced, Ruth!

Agnes Wilkie Technical point: I am sucking my finger #neverathumbsucker

Sandy Wilkie Sorry, wee-est sister! Now, get back to the boat!

Dorothy Henry Great photo.
Agnes with a doll’s pram,who would have expected that?

Sandy Wilkie Dorothy, she cannae stay away from them for any length it time at all nowadays – look how often she flew home from the sail!

Agnes Wilkie Dorothy Henry it probably had a pet lamb in it rather than a dolly!

Margo Clarke What a lovely picture to treasure.


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