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Dr Robert Benson

A man educated here in Blantyre, is making an impact in Blantyre Africa.

Research Scientist, Dr Robert Benson, an Immunologist within the Institute of Infection Immunity & Inflammation at the University of Glasgow was invited recently to deliver a seminar at the ‘Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Annual Scientific’ meeting held in Blantyre, Malawi.

Dr Benson’s research looks at why the body’s immune system can go wrong and result in diseases such as arthritis and diabetes. He is an expert in multiphoton imaging and regularly advises on the latest imaging techniques.

In his early years Dr Benson attended the David Livingstone Memorial Primary school in Blantyre, Scotland and went on to study at the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Research scientists are finding more and more that Malawians are experiencing an upsurge in non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and arthritis and their continuing causes of poor health and low life expectancy in Blantyre Malawi are very much mirrored back in hamlets such as Blantyre in Scotland.

A rich history of collaboration between Scotland & Malawi exists which stretches as far back as Dr David Livingstone and it is heartening that Dr Benson is ensuring that tradition of mutual learning between Malawi and Scotland continues.

Dr Benson said “It’s a nice link and great to think my early education in Blantyre, Scotland has allowed me to advance science and contribute to the on-going development and ultimately provide health benefits to the people of Blantyre, Malawi.”

Well done Robert.

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