1999 Karate Championships

Was 1999, REALLY almost 20 years ago?! Had to stop to think for a second there…

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In 1999, the British Freestyle Karate and Kickboxing held their Scottish Championships in Blantyre. Hosted by the Blantyre based elite club, the event was a great success with many members collecting awards (as pictured). The winners looked forward to competing in Sheffield later that year.

Leaders in the competition were Scottish Juniors (5 – 9 years) Kristopher Glover, runner up Craig Ross, Junior Champion (9-12 years) Bill Kirkpatrick, runner up Amy Cameron, Junior Champion (12-15 years) Gary Munro, runner up Mark Robertson.

Senior Male Champion was James Doolin, runner up Chris Vance, Senior Female Champion Natalie Ward, runner up Ann Frances. Best fighter of the night was James Cameron.

Shared by Alex Young with thanks.



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