1989 Hamilton Road


1989 Main Street wm1

Strangely, this scene is still very familiar today, despite it being almost 30 years ago. Pictured is Hamilton Road leading out of High Blantyre, the church just out of view on the right hand side. The tree is a little bit larger now in the kirkyard, but even back then was still impressive.

However, way in the background is the one BIG change now. Gone are the little 2 storey tenements seen in Sandy’s picture. Demolished in the early 1990s. We’ll be looking at those tenements more tomorrow and in depth a little later in 2018.

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Eleanor Connor Love these pics and info……all so interesting 💚💛

Andy Callaghan Knew where this was instantly and it’s 30 yrs ago. Amazing.

Jean McIntosh I was just commenting on that tree yesterday. It is huge
Henry Hambley When I was a child, the large tree at the old graveyard had a rookery. Is it still there ?

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