1910’s Craighead House


1910s Craighead 343 wmI’m always amazed as more and more excellent, new (old) photos are sent in. Back to early Edwardian times now and a previously unseen photo of Criaghead House. A grand conservatory on the side, (a different one from other Craighead photos). The postcard is incorrectly marked Bothwell, with former Craighead House, definitely on the Blantyre side of the Clyde.

Thank you to Gordon Cook for this high resolution photo.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Karin Miller My aunt & mum used to work here when it was a retreat house. Lots of lovely memories of being there during the school holidays. There was always a summer fete. Beautiful building such a shame it’s no longer there

James Lynas I loved going over there to see aunt Lizzie in the kitchen xx

Brenda Kane Loved that place. Lots off good memories. Had my wedding reception there.Gerry Docherty Me too Brenda staying with my auntie Grace & gran with Stephen & Anthony & we all learned to drive up & down the Avenue. Could go on & on about good memories of this place was brilliant

Rena Dick I was born in the lodge house inside the gates as my grandfather was the gardener at the Big house! As far as I am aware the postal address at the time was Bothwell although we were within Blantyre parish! We lived there until 1947.

Blantyre Project Hi Rena -fascinating, thank you. Was that the lodge just off Whistleberry Road or the other one just off Glasgow Road?
Sandy Wilkie Yet another place I delivered milk too very early each morning, generally before I picked the boys up. They were excellent payers, eventually, but there were nae tips!  I well remember one incident when I was driving my pride and joy, a brand new Mercedes van, at circa 5.00am. I drove in as usual next to the steps down into the basement, pulled the breaks on and jumped out with a “wire” of 10 pints and delivered them down the steps and just inside the door which was ALWAYS left unlocked and lifted the empties. Then, same as I did EVERY morning, jumped back into the van, stuck it into reverse to head straight back out, only, a late-returning priest had parked at right angles directly behind me — yes, you’ve guessed, I walloped straight into his front and rear driver’s side doors! Not sure who felt most guilty, me for reversing without looking or him, for returning at that unseemly hour! Or perhaps he was arriving early??? All I know is, neither of us claimed the other’s insurance!

Rena Dick Yes it was West Lodge, just off Whistleberry Road, the gate posts are still there although they were moved back a good bit for the new East Kilbride road to be built.

Margaret Duncan We (the Brogans) lived in the coachman’s cottage within the grounds until I was 7. Our address was definitely Bothwell even tho we were just off Whistleberry Road.

Jackie MacDonald I can remember a garden Fete in those grounds.
Also done horse riding down there.

Jim Brogan Remember it well the school retreat’s there and the Fete’s.I remember scoring a goal at the ” beat the goalie ” with Celtics John Fallon ( I think he let it through)great days life was simpler then lol.

Gary Doonin Owned by the Jesuit Order the priest there in the 70s was a Father Pridgeon

Flynn Flynn ..Father Pridgeon..🤔..a bet he liked a gid doo..🕊

Flynn Flynn ..flew the coop in the 80’s tho..
Gary Doonin Liked the readies I know that . Typical Jesuit the bankers of the Catholic Church


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  1. Do we know why it’s called “Craighead” House. This is a family name of mine and I’d be very interested. Thank you!
    Pam Erselius

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