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1980s Wilkies of Blantyre wmWhat a photo! Outside Bardykes House, in the Avenue a few decades ago is the full vehicle fleet lined up for milk company, “Wilkies of Blantyre”.

Pickups, milk floats and vans offering milk, butter, cream, rolls etc..

The drivers standing out their respective vehicles. With thanks to Sandy W again for sharing.

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Blantyre Project i should have asked for the date. Maybe some of the drivers on here yesterday can comment.
Elizabeth O’Brien My sister used to do the milk – first girl I think to deliver the milk for Wilkies. Wee man called John. Used to live n Hardie St was the driver. We used to call him Gorbachauv cos of his hat. I used to go out sometimes at the weekend or when I was iff school. Loved it 😊 we always had a good laugh at stupid o’clock in the morning.
James Rouse Think that would be John Harlyburton.
Elizabeth O’Brien U know all the time he was the driver I dont think we ever got his surname.
Jim McSorley It’s at least 1975 with the Austin marina pick up truck bearing an. N registration.

Eleanor Clark Is that Sandy Willie at the pickup
Brian Weaver 20 years before this photo, my uncle used to put me on the back of his cart horse as he delivered milk in Blantyre.

Jim Donnelly In the photo Some names,Peter & Sandy Wilkie ,Davy Campbell & Jimmy Maze..

Robert McLeod-Wolohan i remember wilkies of blantyre, sadly they dont exist anymore i think.
Eleanor Connor Great pic !! 💚 💛
John Cornfield 75 I delivered aff everyone of these floats vans and pickup
John Cornfield Btw the drivers never dressed like this Sanny auld Peter Jim Rockhead Davy Cambell Jimmy Maze
Jim McSorley I think jimmy Maze painted the signage on the vans ? He used to collect milk from jim boyed at Leighmains near Dechmont
Rena Caullay Those were the days.
Jim Cochrane I remember one bad winter of snow all the milk was still delivered everyday but by tractors and trailers instead .they borrowed some extra from neighbouring farms.
Ian Paterson Bib Harney
Jim Donnelly Some Names Added.Manage
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Ian Paterson One of yours Jim

Jim Donnelly No Ian.

Claire Isabella My dad used to deliver milk as a young man. Bill Wilson. Anybody remember him?

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  1. In 1959/60 I was 12/13 and I used to deliver the milk on a horse and cart. The horses name was Jennet and the driver was Hugh McDade. I had to run all the way from the wee shop at the bottom of Station Road (corner of Ness Drive) all the way down to the David Livingstone centre to deliver 2 pints of milk as it was too hard for the horse to pull the cart back up the hill. Phew !

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