Spring has Sprung

IMG_3610Hearing a strange buzzing noise in my garden earlier today, I was pleased to meet up with the 3 bees from the “Bonnie Blantyre” facebook page.

Bonnie Bee, Wee Bee and Grumble Bee were delighted to pick up a cheque for £120.00, donated by Blantyre Project to help them buy pots, soil, bulbs, plants and seeds, which will later be put to good use to make Blantyre more bonnie this Spring and Summer.

The donation came from the partial sale of books during December, meaning that people in Blantyre who bought a book or two, have directly assisted in making the community more beautiful. A further £235 was raised from fantastic Xmas Book sales in December, which is going ALL into starting my fund for improving Glasgow Road’s remaining festive lights for winter 2018, a cause I’ll be donating to every month.

With their secret identities intact, the 3 bees waved a hearty thanks, promised me they wouldn’t spend it all on honey, and flew away absolutely buzzing…….


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