Monteith History – a new book

IMG_3290During November, I received a lovely gift by post from Lynne Rhodes who lives in Tasmania. All the way from Australia, Lynne posted me a free copy of her new book “A Twist of Fate” which details the history of the Monteith family, who started Blantyre Mills and owned its estate from the 1780’s.

Lynne had a very good reason to write this book, which took her over 5 years. She is the great, great, great, great , granddaughter of Monteith! The family emigrated to Australia in 1884.

It’s a wonderful read and how lovely to see the Blantyre picture chosen for the cover. I’m continually astonished by the amount of books people send me from all over the world, some even written by them, like this one. I have quite a big collection forming and theres always a Blantyre related book by my bedside. Thank you Lynne.

(I hope to find a way of allowing others access to this book, either through buying or borrowing in due course).


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  1. Hi Paul, anything in the book re the apparently lost records of Monteith and the Blantyre Mills? I’m interested in employee records especially.

    1. Hi James – Sorry, there was nothing in the book relating to employee records. I think they remain lost.

      1. Many thanks Paul. Greatly appreciate your work on Blantyre Project-wonderful stuff!

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