1980s Anybody recognise?

Nicky Springett asks, “Anybody recognise themselves in this Blantyre photo from the 1980’s?”


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Joe Fletcher Thomas Hottubtam Fletcher πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Hugh Lennon Tonner Know them all !

Stephen Anderson You should know them…you’re in the photo lol

Marie Kelly Name them please
Nicky Springett Can u remember Eddie conn Hugh x
Hugh Lennon Tonner Marie Kelly John Criechton,Stevie Watt,Tam Campbell,George Murray R.I.P ,Wullie Campbell,Cammy Murray,Arthur Mc Guigan R.I.P,Tam Fletcher , Hugh & Gerry Duffy, Matt Gallacher ,Peachy Campbell ,Johnny Rogers,Eddie Conn R.I.P ,Eddie Green Alex Anderson ,Archie Mc Guigan R.I.P ,John O Brien David Black and myself !
Hugh Lennon Tonner Nicky Springett Remember Eddie from drinking in The Red Lion pub a few of the others in the photo knew Eddie better than me

Nicky Springett Aww my wee dad. God rest him xxx

Daniel Anderson Defo blantyre. ..white socks with black shoes 😁
Hugh Lennon Tonner John O’Brien hasnt got white socks on ! lol
William Mullen ant hill mob lol
Ross Haliburton It was cammy murrays wedding.

Margaret Bell Joey Peachy Campbell . Wee Geordie Murray GBNF ❀️. Slim Black.

Ross Haliburton Cammy is the one with the white shirt and black jacket on in the middle.
Margaret Bell Know them all. Blantyre young team lol xx

William Campbell Blast fa the past absent friends

Annette McMahon Cambridge William is that your dad on the right
William Campbell thats a young skedd fletcher lol
Ann Marie Boyle Canny and pot lolxx
Garry Lee Is that not Leo Sayer up the back with the big hair and black top! πŸ˜‚

Hugh Lennon Tonner Thats Arthur Mc Guigan Elf R.I.P

Fee Fee Duffy Samantha Hunter ur dads in this pic X

Samantha Hunter Yeah have seen this before…great pic Fee x
John Cornfield Great pic know most of the faces some no longer with us Geordie Murray Archie and Elf rest in peace never forget good Blantyre people

Joey Peachy Campbell Yasss am in it the good lookin guy ha

John Cornfield Whit 1 they’re all good looking πŸ˜‚

Joey Peachy Campbell Magic pic few guys no longer with us gbnf

John Cornfield Too true 😒
Iain Mac Good pic. Think some of them got a 2-for-deal in the Sh*te Tash store though.

Melissa Marshall David Mcguire is tht ur dad down the front?
David Mcguire It looks like him all tag him x

Matthew Neil White socks Eddie green & archie maguigen
Robbie Slavin Jacqui Mcguigan
Jacqui Mcguigan I know them all

Annie Crichton The bold John boy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Alan Baird a lot of old pals in this photo , sadly some are no longer with us
Annette McMahon Cambridge My brother is in this Drew Mcmahon I know a lot of the faces could name few lol
William Campbell wares maxie in this pic
Ann Marie Boyle Cammy and pot xx
Patrick Sanaghan I know them all
Marie Mc Millan Great pic no them all. X
Anton Le Grandier Eddie Conn there……

Anton Le Grandier Archie centre stage as usual πŸ˜„
Louise Walker William Mackie we were only 8 or 9 yr old at that time haha
William Mackie Louise Walker , I know what a cheek Ann

Betty Dargue Most of them

Peter Cairney Matt gallaher shug tonner cammy murray n geordie pot twin duffys

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