Scottish Quoiting Association 1927


Karen MacKellar was kind enough to share this little list of the Scottish Quoiting Association registered clubs for the season 1927, adding, “My Dad is Boyd Falconer (Bidie) and he and his brother Billy were both Scottish Champions many times over…following in the footsteps of their Uncle Wull Penman. My Dad reinstated Birkenshaw Quoiting Club some years ago and kept it going as long as he could til he had to admit defeat and give it up due t lack of interest, no youngsters wanting to play these days – if only quoits required batteries and WIFI.

It’s a 90 yr old notebook belonging to the old SQA. The last secretary when the association disbanded recently died and we just got all the paperwork back (thankfully). Apart from this notebook our records only go back to around the eighties when it was last reformed – before that a previous association secretary died suddenly and all the records going way back to the thirties apparently got disposed of. “

There’s an entry for Auchentibber and also one for Auchentibber Thistle in Blantyre with the club secretary for both, the same man. The Jubilee cup was gifted by the Evening Times in 1930 (The Scottish Championship trophy – the Jubilee being 50 years since the Scottish Quoiting Association was formed in 1880)

High Blantyre won the 1934 season one of the last recorded entires for quoiting in Blantyre.

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