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Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 16.36.34Can you help me with something? Not a quiz, i genuinely don’t know the answers and need your kind assistance. This week’s quick questions are:

1. The newish brick houses in the extended part of POPLAR PLACE (beside St Blanes)….what year were they built? Housebuilder?

2. The houses at CLOUDHOWE TERRACE beside the Westend. What year were they built and were they all council owned originally?

3. What businesses have previously occupied the shop that is now DIVITOS chipshop at the Westend?

4. I’m hoping to compile a list of people who have ever worked in the WESTEND bar. (past and present). Any ideas?

Thanks! Don’t be shy……

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Stuart Tremble 1) mid 90’s
Gordon Frew Loretto housing?
Margaret Duncan The MacNeils owned the Westend Bar. Mary MacNeil was the music teacher at St Joseph’s and her mother owned the bar – they came from Barra originally but lived in Hardie Street (corner house)
Jim Canning They used to live above the Pub for a long time when the kids were young.
Helen Mc Gowan Munday I remember it was always known as Maw MacNeil’s!
John Latimer Reckon no 1 is late 80s
Sharon Morrison Doonin Divitos was Hughes photographers
Moyra Lindsay 2) must have been around 1952 all council houses.
Gordon Dennis No3 used to be a shop about 40years ago
Helen Grieve 2 early 50s
Jim Canning The McNeils owned a Newspaper shop where the Chip Shop is for number 3. The McCormicks that run the Pub now lived in Cloudhowe.
Jim Canning Cloudhowe was all Council owned, probably built in the early 50s
Christine Forrest I remember it was a hairdresser for years then it was a newspaper shop selling all types of food. I used to buy sweets when waiting for the bus It was empty for years then the fish shop. My mother used to get her hair done there in the sixties. I remember buying foreign stamps there in about 1967 on way to the final of the junior football cup which cambuslang Rangers won 2 1 at hampden funny what you remember!
Helen Henderson Mclaughlin Hi christine, how are you. Wish i had your memory lol. Think i remember hairdresser too.
Christine Forrest Hi Helen I am in Tenerife for a few weeks hope to be back before Christmas. I still live in London although have been up north most of the summer. I have been staying in my caravan at Craig Tara the old Butlins camp and also been staying in one of my fSee more
Isabella Law The hairdresser I think was Margaret McGlynn
Liz Doonin Yes it was Margaret McGlynn
Stephen Mccall Divots chip shop has been there for approx 30 years before that it was a newsagents/grocery shop.
Catherine Davidson Divitos has been there 35 years . Was talking to Franco a couple of weeks ago and he said he was there 35 years
Stephen Mccall The MacNeils I remember are
Mary and daughter Christine.
Joe married to Rosemary.
Nan married to Peter daughters Kathleen,Liz,Margret-Mary, Mary-jo, Annmarie.
Iain was father of Vincent and Felix.
Jim Canning And Son Andrew.
Stephen Mccall Jim Canning don’t remember him must have been older. Don’t remember anyone talking about him.
Kerry Hutcheson If you mean the flats at Poplar Place they were built by Loretto Housing in 1989-90. Some of the flats were allocated to patients discharged from Hartwood Hopsital? when it closed to integrate them
Into the community. It was a lovely wee place to stay. There was a Loretto employee lived in the bungalow with her family, Margaret (can’t remember her surname) and there was a wee communal area next door to her. I stayed there from 1990 to 1994.
Gillian Gray Clare Welsh, Sara Henderson, not sure if first questions relates to houses you lived in? X
Clare Welsh No that’s the Loretta housing they are asking about x
Stephen Kelly No 1 is late 80s, probably 89/90. I went to St Blanes and can remember them being built while I was there. I left in 91
Hugh Lennon Tonner The newspaper shop was also run by a couple called Jameson.
Christine Forrest That’s right I remember the name above the door jameson!
Stephen Allan Nan Mcneil ran the pub for years as my dad used to drink in there.
Valerie Krawczyk Cloudhowe Terrace was built about 1954.i know someone who moved in then and is still a resident. They were council owned properties.

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