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I’m enjoying this feature and have learned a lot these last few weeks from you all on subjects I was “stuck on”. All your answers are being noted for future and fill in the gaps in stories I’ve prepared. Not a quiz, genuinely need your help. Here are this weeks quick questions. Thanks in advance.

1. Where was Blantyre’s EXECUTEX CLOTHING FACTORY during the 1970’s? Can you tell me anything about it?

2. During the 1970’s, where was Blantyre’s MEALS ON WHEELS based? Who ran this?

3. The Blantyre branch of THE RED CROSS disbanded in 1977, but reformed a year later in 1978. Where were they based?

4. In 1979, ROBERTSONS OF SPRINGWELL started a programme of renovation including bottling plant equipment designed to make things faster and announced at the time to protect jobs. However, as we’re aware, the company closed some time later. What year did Robertsons close their doors on that brand name?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,:

Robert McLeod-Wolohan meals on wheels was run by blantyre volunteer group for a while where we used to go and collect the meals from david livingstone primary and then deliver them.

Gary Doonin Was willie Devine not in charge of BVG meals on wheels Michael Martin

Michael Martin Yes gary with helen bell

Gary Doonin Willie Devine one of Blantyre unsung heroes Michael Martin

Robert McLeod-Wolohan yes wullie devine was in charge of meals in wheels

Michael Martin Your dad n him very good friends
Gary Doonin They shunned the limelight didn’t want the plaudits .
Robert McLeod-Wolohan i used to help out with the blantyre volunteer group everday.

Alan Baird i helped with meals on wheels in 1998 they were based in calder street , the wee place is still there as the blantyre volunteer group across from the dentists surgery , they picked the meals up at the auchenraith special school down whistleberry road and som were taken to the council parish chambers on cemetery road and the rest were distributed through the community dick stewart and willie devine were the two main drivers then

Carole M Castle Question 1 the clothing factory was on the opposite side of the road to where the prefabs were on the road to Hamilton my aunt Iris Welch worked in the clothing factory after they closed the co-op electrical shop was closed down in the Main Street

Angela Mary Mc Glynn I was part of the junior red cross and we used to meet in the Blantyre Health centre the last few years. It was headed by Miss Rollo from Cambuslang.

Sally Jamieson Yes that’s my recollection after we moved from the YMCA. I also remember Mrs Rollo. It was a great organisation.It was the old clinic we meet in, the one that was knocked down. It was used as temporary health centre when new health centre burned down.

Maureen Mccallum I used to go to Junior Red Cross when it was on in the old YMCA building on Glasgow Road

Janette Mccreadie Executex was the old hector powes factory on the industrial estate

Mary Bennett Yes my mother worked there.
Janette Mccreadie Who was your mum Mary .?
Blantyre Project excellent thanks Janette. That puts location exactly into context for me.
Paul Murray Did Robertson’s not change in about 87 my mother and brother worked in it for over 20 year my mother was the shop steward with Isobel Wilson

Jeanette Allardyce Ward Alex Young you’ll know the answers to this one x
Alex Young Changed in 1987 was made redundant on Friday started back on the Monday as a new employee

Alex Young I new your mother well lovely lady

Blantyre Project Alex – did the new company then keep on all the employees? What was the new company trading as then?

Gary Doonin Forgot about yer mum in there Paul
Jude Wolf 1:Hector Powe :industrial estate

Aileen Farrell My Sister worked in Executex in the office, Janie Lennon, I think it was the industrial estate xxx

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